When in Rome

– snack and walk your way through Rome


  • Walk through Trastevere to the Vineria Litro and have a glass of wine accompanied by (at least) a Bruschetta con pomodoro piennolo del Vesuvio.
  • On the way back have a rest at the loveliest park: Villa Sciarra, which was once a private estate owned by George and Henrietta Wurts.
  • Please have multiple snacks at the food market Mercato Testaccio (but leave some space in your stomach – there is more to come).
  • After visiting the mercato walk to Masto, a wine bar at Via Galvani 39/41. Here you need (!) to have at least two glasses of red wine and a mixed plate of cheese and salumi (the rosemary ham is excellent).
  • The L’Oasi della Birra, Piazza Testaccio 40, is perfect for people watching, when seated outside. You can grasp some inimitable impressions of Roman city life whilst having simple but good food and drinks.
  • Although way too touristy, Bonci Pizzarium offers quite a pizza. If you’re in the neighbourhood anyways (in case you can’t avoid visiting Vatican City) it is worth a try.
  • Go to the Pigneto neighbourhood (best in the early evening):
  • Start with a gelato at the Gelateria Il Capriccio di Carla – I can assure you pistachio is the best choice ;)
  • At the bar Necci dal 1924 you can perfectly commence a Roman night out.
  • Don’t forget to check out the amazing street art whilst in Pigneto.


  • Have a long walk to the Maxxi museum of contemporary art via the famous Villa Borghese.

General advice: follow foodie Katie Parla on Instagram or simply visit her website and be sure to always eat at THE BEST places possible.

Oh and last piece of advice: don’t forget to do as the Romans do.


Yurica Kotake & LCW


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