I LOVE MEAT: Maastricht goes Vegan


I love meat. I know I might trigger negative comments, but this is just a fact I will not be able to change in the near future. I guess that decisions regarding “diet” are mostly related to the individual’s upbringing. Of course not always, but in my case this is definitely what happened. My parents have never been particular carb fans, which mostly resulted in rather meaty dishes. And now they have even brought it to the extent that they banned carbs for eternity and are following the so-called stone-age diet. Believe it or not, this exists. They do not regard it as a diet but rather as a back-to-the-roots, let’s be as healthy as possible thing, and it is super intense. It is easier for them to implement than me, they have the means to actually invest in good types of meat and do not live in a student house where pasta is simply the way to go. Now I have come a bit off topic. So, basically my parents are digging their new way of living and I guess every “adult” couple (whatever that means) needs a fresh start, something new to focus on when the kids move out of the house. Thus, I’ve been harshly influenced by their thinking and additionally have sensed the lovely taste of meat on a nearly daily basis until the day I moved out. Then I became a student and things changed. I still love meat but it is just difficult, particularly in Maastricht to find low-priced (sounded better than cheap) and good (which may mean everything, from the taste- up to an ecological factor) meat. I have turned my back on supermarket meat, as far as I can whilst living with four other students and us sharing our food expenses. I sometimes just have to eat what’s served, if I am too lazy to prepare something for myself. But I have found different options; either visit the weekly market, purchase bigger amounts of meat, freeze them and have a better feeling about it OR simply do not eat meat (apart from when visiting my beloved parents).

And here I come to my actual topic: Vegetarian or vegan eating. These trends have been a recent thing and I have had altering opinions on it. Whilst cooking with vegans I had to realize how difficult it actually is; seemingly every product entails milk. But then again, after actually managing to cook, after being quite proud of yourself, you realize that it isn’t too hard – you just have to plan and think ahead. I thus started liking vegan eating, at least once in a while. Of course vegans might neglect my type of eating, as it isn’t persistent. But I have come to terms with the fact that at least as a student I can barely purchase ‘good’ meat and may therefore eat vegan once in a while.

And if you’re too lazy to do it yourself – go to the vegan dinner which takes place at the LBB (LandBouwBelang) at 7pm every Monday. You just have to register, pay five euros and receive an immensely filling and delicious dinner. Even though the meals mostly sound like a weird constellation, they eventually are surprisingly yummy. Surprisingly, because (as I have pointed out before) I love meat. Suddenly, lentils and every sort of vegetable have become usable! Apart from the lovely food the atmosphere is great – and I can say this after having been there apparent ten times. The LBB is a squat, thus sparsely equipped, but exactly this factor makes it unbelievably cozy. You can find a little oven/fireplace which keeps the room warm, every one is super friendly, you may smoke (anything) and last but not least are allowed to wash your own dishes. You may find any type of person there, from old to young and may additionally be inspired by the dishes they offer and ask for the recipe.


Another event I may recommend is the vegan cooking workshop taking place every Tuesday, also at the LBB squat. Again, you pay 5 Euro, and hereby actually learn how to cook vegan, in case you’re asking yourself how the hell they actually manage. You learn to cook vegan snickers, mousse au chocolate, various soups and more. I admit, I have become an ever and anon vegan and highly recommend you do too!


Just register here for the Vegan dinner on Mondays and have a look!

And here you may find more info on the vegan cooking workshop, get inspired and let your stomach murmur after taking a look at the weekly prepared dishes.

Article: TZH

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